Fighter Ace Wall

Two display at Warbirds & Wheels are dedicated to the Pilots of World War I & World War II, and we welcome any email enquiries regarding any names on this wall.

Roll of Honour Wall

Commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by nearly 800 New Zealand Pilots, Air-gunners and Navigators who flew fighter aircraft during the World Wars of 1914 – 1918 and 1939-1945.

Fighter Ace Wall

This wall displays biographies of 15 World War I Fighter Aces and 80 World War II Fighter Aces.  The term Fighter Ace is generally held to mean a pilot who has scored at least five victories in air-to-air combat.  In the case of night fighter and multi-seat day fighter aircraft, the navigator/radar operator, without whose assistance the pilot could not have reached his total, is named where possible.

While the tribute highlights the Aces, it does not seek to sensationalise their achievements.  There were many fine pilots who for reasons of circumstance or opportunity were unable to build up ace scores.

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