Gathering of Geezers 2018

Back Row:  Bob McMurray, Robbie Francevic, Owen Evans, Graeme Crosby, Josh Coppin, Jeremy Burgess, Bill Buckley, Calven Bonney, Faye Grant, Tiger Destafani, Stephen Giles

Middle Row:  Greg Rust, Graeme Frew, Graeme Lawrence, Leo Leonard, Jacqui Madeline, Mike Marshall, Dave Oxton, Jack Nazer, Rodney Pohio, Tony Quinn

Front Row:  Graham Standring, Aaron Stroud, Regan Williamson.


The last Gathering of Geezers Charitable Dinner was held on the 22 November 2018 where 300 people were regaled by stories of triumphs and disasters of near misses and close calls and of great life-changing moments by our 24 Geezers.

Our Keynote Speaker Tiger sponsored by Giltrap Group, Tiger Destefani the air racing legend and eight-time USA National Champion setting the thrilling tone. Our host Sky Sports Commentator, Stephen McIvor grilled the Geezers on our panels throughout the night while our guests tucked into a beautiful dinner with amazing local wine and beer, sponsored by Tyreland Wanaka. The Geezers were also available to chat with at the Gough’s Cocktail Hour leading to some interesting conversations about the past and future of motorsports.

Just in case you have forgotten the definition of a Geezer is a retired kiwi competitor, who has won a major title and/or made a major contribution to NZ Motorsport. We also have Guest Geezers from overseas and “Geezers in Training” who are un-yet retired champions.

The evening finished with our amazing Hynds Super Draw. All proceeds from the Hynds Super Draw will go to the Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust and LANDSAR Wanaka. 16 Lucky people won some amazing prizes.

At the moment, there are no plans for any future Gathering of Geezers.